some bloat-related updates, VJ's talk, mine, other items...

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Mon Sep 10 13:41:34 EDT 2012

The bloat list itself has been kind of dead lately.

We have a tendency to think everyone is paying attention
to g+ and subscribed to Jim's blog.

High on my list that everyone see is:

Van Jacobson's wonderful talk on bloat, codel, and fq_codel
at ietf 84.

Do check it out AND pass it around as much as possible!

I wanted to note that, of late, the bulk of debloating activity has
been on the codel and cerowrt-devel mailing lists.
Please check in or subscribe there for developments on those two projects.

Also, it's fairly rare that I get in front of a camera.
I gave a talk about our current lines of research at the lab
in Paris, which is now up on their beta page for this and the rest
of their seminar series:

A direct youtube link to my talk is:

While the first half is review for those that have seen Van's talk,
I go into one of our open problems with finding an interval,
the issues with wifi (since day one) and and also with the
general case potential bittorrent/ledbat/AQM interactions that have concerned
me since my initial stay at the lincs last year. I got
a good question regarding IP and patents, too...

(to add some context to the talk above - is home to some key
LEDBAT researchers:

And Paris is also the home of Juliusz Chroboczek, who in addition to
babel, ahcp, is one of the authors of Transmission, and of some
components of bittorrent


I thank everyone for trying to help out on the
cerowrt project. I had enough contributions to almost
make rent this month before tripping over an obscure
section of Amazon's EULA, the account is frozen, and
it looks like y'all will get your money back.

I don't know what to do about it. There is a shimmer
of light on the horizon for some bloat-related work
for me which will let me resume contributing both
financially as well as personally to the cerowrt/debloat
effort by December. It's back to panic time now, though.

I was so glad (for a couple days) to see
so many willing to help put a floor under what we
have been doing for so long. Somehow, convincing Amazon that
what we've been delivering is a digital good, like
an mp3, seems to be the only course forward there,
or we need to find another payments processor.

PS A big thx to Denis Ovsienko for getting us a new
SSL key.

Dave Täht

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