Its the bufferbloat stupid

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Thu Aug 25 16:01:13 EDT 2011

Hey dave, all

today i had the time to listen to this google tech talk again (Bufferbloat: Dark Buffers  
in the Internet )

and i metioned the sentence from vinf cerf  in the introduction to Jim  

"....he is working on emerging teleconferencing " whitch came to my  

I am doing videoconferencing since the early 90s and i am researching  
in the past years about large scalable secure
video conferencing a lot.

After i meet my main developer in 2008 we started to implement  
"opencu" based on the old protocol papers i´ve found.
At that time there was no efficent opensource codec and Qt wasnt  
opensourced too, so we decided to use wxwidgets and xvid / portaudio  
to implemented the basic features and made an proof of concept client.  
(The server/refector isnt re_enineered yet, only java hack available )

He got a job offer to implement such a commercial system but he failed  
after some attemts on latency and serverload.

So after i' ve tested most of all available systems like paltalk,  
ivisit, camfrog and jmeeting, webmeeting and so on , i figured  all  
whitch were mostly implemented in the 90s worked more or less worse  
and had latency about 4 seconds and were not opensource at all.

So I  decided to re_implement our social -zero-conferencing idea with  
VP8 whitch was aquired from google in 2010 and got "opensourced"
and seems highly efficent for the video part and WAB bonjour a  
zeroconfiguration service discovery framework developed
by dr.steward chesire from apple.

After i see the issues my developer had, this "unbufferbloat  project"  
came to my attention because latency and buffering seems to be the  
main issue in realtime communication plattforms.

I am looking forward to see how this problems would be solved.



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> oops, the thing I was hoping for more eyeballs on was:
> in addition to 243.
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