Beating Bufferbloat in 2012!

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Tue Dec 6 23:20:19 EST 2011

There is a post mortem on what we did right and wrong with cerowrt
versions rc1 through rc7 over on the cerowrt-devel list.

If you are a past, present, or future stakeholder in this sub-project
I urge you to participate over there.

I need to stress that that was/is always intended to be a 'sub' project
of's, to conduct R&D into what was going on on the
internet edge, and we learned - and fixed - a lot of problems,
some solutions for which has been pushed upstream already, and
are becoming more widely available.

There are *many* other bloat-related problems that I'd like us to be trying to
address in the coming year. While I (and jim) are going to try to
touch upon them here, I'm very interested in the opinions and thoughts
of those on this list.

I miss the heyday of the bloat list, where we had wide-ranging
discussions of absolutely everything of relevance to bufferbloat.

I mean, go back and review march-august. Wow.

What did we forget about? What opinions have changed?
What was easy? What seems to be hard?

What did we do right and wrong this year? And what can we do
better, next year?

Dave Täht
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