Wiki editing is enabled

Dave Täht d at
Mon Feb 7 22:45:43 PST 2011


I got a little behind last week on enabling people to edit the bloat
wiki on

There are now 24 registered users of the project, all of which should
now be able to edit the wiki and contribute to the site.

Please feel free to edit/expand/suggest/expound on some pages! See the
topic index and outline for what's already there and what's needed.

Textile markup is somewhat different than mediawiki markup, there is a
reference for it on the help button, when you edit. 

There's also the usual sandbox:

If you are registered, and can't edit a page, please let me know.

Dave Taht

PS I also note, in the 10 days since went up - 62 people
joined this mailing list. Wow. Thanks, all, for your interest in fixing

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