smoketest #6 of cerowrt is go for testing

Dave Hart davehart at
Sat Jul 16 00:05:19 EDT 2011

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 02:40 UTC, Dave Taht <dave.taht at> wrote:
> 0) We have a priority 3 issue with ntp starting up. NTP times out too early
> it keeps restarting, and restarting, and restarting... (it's on a 10 second
> timer) This is related to the dnssec issue I'm well aware of. It looks like
> 60 second timer would work better)

10 seconds is too small, but sometimes one minute might be too small a
timeout, too.  If possible, it may make sense to start ntpd, then
start time-step-tolerant daemons, then use the ntp-wait script to
block until ntpd's first clock sync, then start time-step-sensitive

> (dnssec IS disabled by default in this build, so ntp isn't even needed
> and does eventually get the correct time if you kill off named.montime - and
> the right answer is to patch ntp to just issue the first queries for
> ntp -g option
> with the auth-needed bit off... I have NO idea how to do that with dnssec.

ntpd doesn't request dnssec verification -- it simply uses the
provided getaddrinfo().  Any tweaking of the resolver to avoid
requiring DNSSEC validation of queries will be outside the ntpd source

Dave Hart

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