Preliminary results of using GPS to look for clock skew

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at
Wed Sep 21 22:24:15 EDT 2011

On 22 Sep, 2011, at 5:11 am, Eric Raymond wrote:

>> 2) ReRun all tests under load (example: netperf -l 3600 -H the_router)
> I'll do this, for completeness, but I predict it's not going to make
> any measurable difference.  The indications so far are that neither of
> the means of time delivery I have available to check are compute-bound
> or disk-I/O bound at any point in their delivery chains.  
> So I think they're just going to shrug off any load short of
> machine-thrashing-its-guts-out.  But part of the point of what I'm
> doing is that soon we'll have the test tools to know for *sure* that's
> true.

When the *network* is loaded, the latency to the NTP server changes.  That is likely to confuse ntpd - it certainly did when I lived on an analogue modem.

 - Jonathan Morton

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