Network tests as discussed in Washington, DC

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Sat Nov 10 05:54:03 EST 2012

The RRUL test idea presented earlier this week would do best with many
underlying servers, instrumented with TCP stats collection, and a
large backend for analysis, and thus I got interested in the current
state of affairs in the internet as to how to pull that together in
conjunction with larger labs and universities.

So, I started sorting through the debates at the FCC about network
testing. A wide range of opinion is presented, AND represented - I
randomly clicked on the names I recognised (like isc, verizon, karl
auerbach, measurement labs, new horizon foundation, and many, many
others. I'm pretty sure to get a balanced view I need to click on the
names I don't recognise!)

see position papers here:

After reading a dozen, I sighed, and went back to coding.

I'm just this guy, trying to fix bufferbloat, by all technical means
necessary. Additionally we're working on fixing ipv6, home routers,
home gateways, naming, etc - and I rarely pay attention to politics!

If anyone can provide a summary here of the debate as it stands now
and who the players are, it would be enlightening.

In other news:

I was very pleased to hear that Srikanth Sundaresan of the  Bismark
project ( ) won the "Applied Networking
Research Prize" at this past week's ietf ( ),

"Broadband Internet Performance: A View From the Gateway"

An early version of cerowrt was used in some versions of bismark (they
later went to openwrt stable). I continue to build their repos for
possible use in cerowrt (or vice versa), and I'm contemplating
extending their open sourced backend database schema to include data
from the rrul tests....

Dave Täht

Fixing bufferbloat with cerowrt:

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