preliminary BQL usbnet support. Testers wanted.

Dave Taht dave.taht at
Thu Nov 15 08:56:37 EST 2012

I do not have any usbnet devices at my disposal.

Anyone? I think the old USB ipaqs were the first to use this infrastructure...

pandaboard? rasperri pi?

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From: Oliver Neukum

On Monday 12 November 2012 15:17:13 Dave Taht wrote:
> I saw your posting on net-next on the kaweth driver, saw that it was
> stopping the queue deeper, see you are presently SOL.
> Can we help? what usb ethernet device has this? Did you get anywhere on usbnet?

I do have a version for usbnet that does nothing for
the subdrivers doing packet aggregation. The infrastructure for
that is just not present at present.

However, I am a bit sceptic. The queuing algorithm seems
to make the implicit assumption that you can transfer data
at arbitrary times. That is just not true for USB.

For testing, you can certainly use a Pandaboard.
Perhaps it would be good to call for more testers on netdev.
I am not ready to merge this without extensive testing.


Dave Täht

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