hacking on ADSL and on the Raspberry Pi

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 06:55:07 EST 2012

I had hoped to get a new version of cerowrt out today, but the
underlying code just aint ready. I keep hoping someone (else!) will
fix dlna, in particular.... I *have* been doing regular builds of
Linux 3.6 code for the ubiquity products, but it's a highly
specialized mesh build targetted at the picostation 2HP and
nanostation M5 that integrates with cerowrt, but lacks most of the
test tools in the firmware (8MB flash, 32MB ram).

I need to get around to documenting that (if anyone cares), but what
I'm mostly doing is just keeping the continuous integration process
going and looking at things that need to get fixed overall.

I have for example, not had time to test this build (which comes up on
babel and a fixed IP address)


Nor have I looked into how good the new rng number code and driver
implementation are in openwrt head for the ar71xx. (anyone?)

So instead, as I'm in Cambridge, England, right now, and surrounded by
Arm and raspberry pi folk, as well as in the close proximity of simon
kelly of dnsmasq fame, Dr Gabriel Kerneis of the hecate bittorrent
client and CPC, and David Woodhouse of general OLPC fame, as well as
quite a few Cambridge folk of various sorts of fame, and a few lovely

...I'm doing some fairly interesting but rather random stuff on a
variety of fronts, this week instead. First up today is trying to get
an indepth understanding of USBnet and BQL and the underlying stack...

Also hacking a bit on folding AHCP into dnsmasq. This is looking easy...

Dave Täht

PS met Michael Palin yesterday. He and the rest of the pythoners have
kept me laughing my whole life.


Fixing bufferbloat with cerowrt: http://www.teklibre.com/cerowrt/subscribe.html

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