One-way delay measurement for netperf-wrapper

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at
Mon Dec 2 13:20:52 EST 2013

Rick Jones <rick.jones2 at> writes:

> Those TCP timestamps are generated (iirc) when TCP transmits the data,
> not when the application presents the data to TCP. Not a deal breaker
> necessarily, but something to keep in mind.

Yeah, I was counting on that, actually. But I get your point: it's
measuring two different things. I did not have the other use case in
mind (application layer to application layer) until Lars mentioned it. I
suppose doing both would be worthwhile, and probably some of the
time-keeping logic can be reused.

Still leaves the question of whether it's possible to get to the TCP
timestamps short of sniffing the packets, though... Anyone knows?

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