[homenet] Source-specific routes in Linux [was: atomic updates...]

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Wed May 8 05:48:01 EDT 2013

On 08.05.2013 10:51, Dave Taht wrote:
> One thing that bugs me about hacks and workarounds like this is that
> Linux (as well as openwrt) are intensely mutable systems, and it's
> totally possible to improve linux rather than limp around in userspace.
> I have long disliked the ip rule system in its primary use prior to now
> (vpns), as buggy, arbitrary, and subject to race conditions, so if a
> better api and methods for injecting/managing source address dependent
> routing information could be designed I'm pretty sure there would be
> much enthusiasm across the vpn, mptcp/sctp, and routing worlds for
> getting it into linux itself.

Hmm I must admit I'm wondering about this for the OpenWrt stack as well.

We have switched to RA-Handling in userspace for similar reasons already 
so I guess it's only the next logical step to create separate routing 
tables for each upstream interface to do source-based routing and filter 
out ULA-traffic on this layer instead of through iptables.

Having one central userspace management daemon for routing and address / 
prefix delegation in general might not be the best or cleanest solution 
in the end but I guess there is no better way right now.

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