[homenet] Source-specific routes in Linux [was: atomic updates...]

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Wed May 8 06:51:07 EDT 2013

Ole Troan <otroan at employees.org> wrote:

>> We have switched to RA-Handling in userspace for similar reasons
>already so I guess it's only the next logical step to create separate
>routing tables for each upstream interface to do source-based routing
>and filter out ULA-traffic on this layer instead of through iptables.
>don't do it per upstream interface, that wouldn't work. per next-hop
>might. the draft suggests a single table with source constrained
>routers and backtracking.

Ah yes thanks for the hint. Please correct me if I got this wrong: I guess per interface would be problematic if there are multiple routers on the upstream link offering different prefixes. However in case of prefix delegation via DHCPV6-pd like on usual home ISP connections would it not be problematic to attribute the prefix to any specific router? - if there would be multiple routers which I guess is unlikely in that situation. One could maybe attribute the prefix to the source address of the DHCPv6 server but that sounds problematic to me aswell. Hmm did I miss something or am I completely on the wrong track now?


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