Linux SCTP: what kind of performance should I expect from netperf?

Daniel Borkmann dborkman at
Wed Apr 16 03:33:14 EDT 2014

On 04/16/2014 03:23 AM, Dave Taht wrote:
> It appears I despaired of SCTP's performance too early,
> according to this commit, it just got vastly improved:
> way to go daniel!
> Have to write some tests for it now!

Ok, thanks. That commit needs to be reworked in a different way
by the original authors or us so that it won't hurt performance.
The idea from the original commit is good, but the overall
implementation is not yet fully there it seems.

> I do wish someone could get the ledbat linux kernel module up to parity with
> at least the osx implementation and get it mainlined.

Sounds interesting!

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