Help me get started (II)

Siavash Eghlimi eghlimidev at
Thu Feb 22 09:19:18 EST 2018

Hi everybody, hope you all feel great,

I wanna do a thesis on bufferbloat. I posted some questions and got
beautiful answers. following those conversations, it was asked:

--What did you measure, and what did that show?
    I measured my DSL line via couple of different methods and tools. seems
my line is bloated. ping time got tripled. there is latency in, both, my
download and upload. i have the results saved.

--Was there something there you thought was interesting that you want to
explore further?
    Well, this whole thing is interesting. I didn't know that I'm NOT using
about 47% of my bandwidth :)  (talk about helping people...)
turned out, ALL of my devices have SOME kind of a problem in this area.
but, what was MOST interesting to me was "How much I don't know"; I'm not
only talking about knowledge, but about these problems that exists and MANY
people, even PROs (not that I am one), don't know about.
Science-wise, most interesting part is the implementation of algorithms and
protocols that caused these problems in the first place. why did they cause
it? integrating some of the solutions together (like SQM). things of that
nature is interesting to me. generally, Implementation is more interesting
to me than the solution, itself. (How to do, rather than WHAT to do.)

--And what did you read already? :)
    1. Classic bufferbloat article.
    2. ALMOST advanced network concepts like "Window Scaling" , "Framing",
etc. etc.
    3. One fourth of "TCP/IP Architecture in Linux .... "
    4. Wireshark (Basics)

So, my question:
first, any suggestion, generally, so far?

second, I tried to study FreeBSD since Linux was TOO BIG. anyway, I found a
good book and as I was studying, I could swear I saw something in "" about FreeBSD. So, I checked it out; turns out it's a
project to implement some algorithms like CoDel into FreeBSD. Immediately,
I emailed the professor in charge, and he simply said: "I don't have time"
This project seemed tailor-made for me. lots of coding. something CLEAR to
do. loads of stuff for the Thesis. lots of science and knowledge. but ....

Second place goes to "Flent", though I don't know how much work is there to
be done. Can it bear a thesis for me ?
Third place goes to "SQM".

Any suggestions?  :)
I really wanna start sooner than later and get my hands dirty. I know, this
is not enough research to know exactly what you want, but my time is
limited and I better begin.
(By the way, I can put 7 months on it.)

Thanks a lot
Siavash Eghlimi
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