Help me get started (II)

Siavash Eghlimi eghlimidev at
Tue Jan 23 04:11:45 EST 2018

Dear contributors,

Hi. I already did a post, and got A LOT of help from a
Mr.Høiland-Jørgensen, if I'm not wrong. first I wanted to thank all of you;
and HIM, in particular.

Second, it was suggested to me to so some measurements AND to choose a more
specific area (Aspect) of bufferbloat. Well, I did some measurements and
some research just to get an idea of how it works... Can't say I completely
get it yet, but I'm getting there :)

also, I chose a more detailed aspect of bufferbloat; "Low-layer network
protocols' design and their impact on buffering (ex: WiFi networks can't do
aggregation without some buffering)"

Since I wanna do a Thesis on it, and use Linux as a tool to understand
networking and do programming, I found resources on Linux and its network

What I need now is specific resources on the ASPECT of bufferbloat that I
chose. where should I go? what should I read? how to get into it? I don't
wanna dive into it blindly. I want to do this RIGHT. and because of the
Thesis, time is of the essence. also, I really wanna do something to help
the community, HOPEFULLY.

I appreciate ANY kind of help.

Thank you all.
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