[Bloat] Notes about hacking on AQMs

Eric Dumazet eric.dumazet at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:41:40 EDT 2011

Le mercredi 08 juin 2011 à 09:51 -0600, Dave Taht a écrit :

> And they are *all* wrong to varying extents, which is why I like the
> 'mondo classifier' idea for DSCP+firewalling mentioned earlier on this
> thread. Converging on several standards for packet marking vs the
> adhoc-ness of thousands of different partial solutions that now exist
> really makes sense to me.

I can tell you there are hundred of different *valid* setups, especially
in server farms, when you want some control of network trafic, now
machines have Gb or 10Gb links...

Really, there is no "one big thing that solves all problems,

You are doing a great job, but now we need to split all your findings
into small units and eventually fix problems.

Do not expect everything to work, since few people are interested to
make the necessary kernel changes in their free time.

BTW, latest stuff uses DRR & HFSC ;)

Patrick sample script is here :

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