[Bloat] Usage Based Billing - It's All About Perceived Congestion

Steve Davies steve at connection-telecom.com
Tue Mar 1 01:33:42 PST 2011

2011/3/1 Ondřej Bílka <neleai at seznam.cz>

> If ISP wanted be nice to customers then it could after quota exceeded
> shape 64kbit/s+ available residual bandwidth
"Residual bandwidth" in our markets.  Haha.

Interestingly our bandwidth caps have created this sense of "I bought it so
I'm going to use it".  So yesterday for instance my 3G HSPA+ service from
CellC - advertised performance 21Mb - was delivering throughput of about
100Kb at best.  That's because everyone was trying to "use up" their
remaining cap.  Conveniently for CellC it would be impossible to use much
bandwidth at such a low speed.  Of course its rare to see more than 2Mb even
at better times.

Steve Davies
(South African Internet user)
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