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The report of the Reducing Internet Latency workshop is now available:



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> This workshop may be of interest to folks here.
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> Mat
> Workshop on Reducing Internet Latency
> 	=====================================
> 		17-18 September 2013
> 		London, England
> Introduction and Scope
> ----------------------
> Latency tends to have been sacrificed in favour of headline bandwidth in
> the way the Internet has been built. This two-day invitation-only workshop
> aims to galvanise action to fix that. All layers of the stack are in scope.
> Latency is an increasingly important topic for networking researchers and
> Internet practitioners alike. Data from Google, Microsoft, Amazon and
> others indicate that latency increases for interactive Web applications
> result in less usage and less revenue from sales or advertising income.
> Whether trying to provide platforms for Web applications, high-frequency
> stock trading, multi-player online gaming or 'cloud' services of any kind,
> latency is a critical factor in determining end-user satisfaction and the
> success of products in the marketplace. Consequently, latency and
> variation in latency are key performance metrics for services these days.
> But latency reduction is not just about increasing revenues for big
> business. Matt Mullenweg of WordPress motivates work on latency reduction
> well when he says, "My theory here is when an interface is faster, you
> feel good. And ultimately what that comes down to is you feel in control.
> The [application] isn¹t controlling me, I¹m controlling it. Ultimately
> that feeling of control translates to happiness in everyone. In order to
> increase the happiness in the world, we all have to keep working on this."
> Invitations to attend the workshop will depend on receipt of a position
> paper. In a spirit of co-ordination across the industry, submissions are
> encouraged from developers and network operators as well as the research
> and standards communities.
> A wide range of latency related topics are in scope including, but not
> limited to:
> -	surveys of latency across all layers
> -	analyses of sources of latency and severity/variability
> -	the cost of latency problems to society and the economy, or the value of
> fixing it
> -	principles for latency reduction across the stack
> -	solutions to reduce latency, including cross-layer
> -	deployment considerations for latency reducing technology
> -	benchmarking, accreditation, measurement and market comparison practices
> Submissions
> -----------
> This is an invitation-only workshop. Prospective participants must submit
> short (up to 2 pages) position papers outlining their views on a specific
> aspect of the overall scope. The emphasis here is on relevance and brevity
> - you do not need to write a lot of text, just demonstrate that you have
> thought about the problem space and have something interesting to say on
> the topic.
> Please send position papers in PDF format to: latency at isoc.org
> Participant numbers will be limited to focus on discussion and identifying
> actions rather than slideware.
> Accepted position papers will be made public. A report on the workshop
> will be published after participants have agreed the content. Therefore,
> it will be possible to state views during the workshop without them being
> publicly attributed.
> Important Dates
> ---------------
> Position paper submission deadline: 23 June 2013
> Paper acceptance notification: 28 June 2013
> Workshop dates: 9am, Tuesday 17th to 5pm, Wednesday 18th September 2013
> (subject to change)
> Program committee
> -----------------
> Mat Ford, Internet Society, co-chair
> Bob Briscoe, BT, co-chair
> Gorry Fairhurst, University of Aberdeen
> Arvind Jain, Google
> Jason Livingood, Comcast
> Andrew McGregor, Google
> Workshop venue and other details
> --------------------------------
> Venue: London (exact location to be confirmed)
> Registration fee: nil
> Recommended accommodation: To be confirmed
> The workshop is sponsored by the Internet Society, the RITE project,
> Simula Research Labs and the TimeIn project. The Internet Society will
> host a workshop dinner on the Tuesday evening.
> <WkshpReducingLatency.pdf>

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