[Bloat] curious.....

Juliusz Chroboczek jch at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr
Sun Dec 8 12:56:34 EST 2013

> > I think that the WNDR3800 should be able to push a gigabit, even with NAT.
> No, it tops out at about 330Mbit/sec currently with no firewall rules,
> no nat.

Full-size frames?  That sucks.  (And thanks for the hard data.)

> No. aqm-scripts can't push 110KB/sec through *HTB*.


> The rate limiter is the biggest cpu pig in the system.

Have you spoken to Dumazet about that?

> What I was thinking about was taking the 3 tier structure of the
> current aqm-scripts system, turning it into something more drr-like
> and adding support for rate limiting directly to it


> Notably it seems few have internalized what the "sparse stream"
> optimization does for things like voip.

We're waiting with held breath until you care to enlighten us ;-)

-- Juliusz

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