[Bloat] [aqm] [iccrg] AQM deployment status?

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If you look into the document I initially sent


They show that 26% of DSL lines have RED actually deployed - and tuned on!

They did not detect any RED on the cable side.

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Thanks Shahid

Although interesting to know that (W)RED has made it into some hardware (in your RE to Lars' point), my question is more about "deployment" at the edge or the core, whether it's being used or not?


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Hi Steinar and Lars,

Please see below examples of support for RED/WRED from switches (from ALU and Cisco websites, search for RED or WRED in document):

ALU 7450:


ALU Omniswitch:


Cisco Catalyst 6000/6500:


Cisco Catalyst 4500:


Best regards,


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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 02:31:21PM +0000, Eggert, Lars wrote:
>> Most routers/switches/access equipment support RFC 2309, which is a
>> description of RED.
> I've heard that statement from many different people. I wonder if it
> is actually true. Is there any hard data on this?

I don't have hard data, but my soft data is that generally, devices branded as switches (including L3 switches) do not support it. Routers might.

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