[Bloat] DSLReports Speed Test has latency measurement built-in

Eric Dumazet eric.dumazet at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 09:50:57 EDT 2015

On Wed, 2015-04-22 at 08:51 +0000, luca.muscariello at orange.com wrote:
> cons: large BDP in general would be negatively affected.  
> A Gbps access vs a DSL access to the same server would require very
> different tuning. 
Yep. This is what I mentioned with 'long rtt'. This was relative to BDP.
> sch_fq would probably make the whole thing less of a problem. 
> But running it in a VM does not sound a good idea and would not
> reflect usual servers setting BTW 
No idea why it should mater. Have you got some experimental data ?

You know, 'usual servers' used to run pfifo_fast, they now run sch_fq.

(All Google fleet at least)

So this kind of argument sounds not based on experiments.

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