[Bloat] DSLReports Speed Test has latency measurement built-in

MUSCARIELLO Luca IMT/OLN luca.muscariello at orange.com
Wed Apr 22 13:45:49 EDT 2015

I remember a paper by Stefan Savage of about 15 years ago where he 
substantiates this in clearer terms.
If I find the paper I'll send the reference to the list.

On 04/22/2015 07:28 PM, MUSCARIELLO Luca IMT/OLN wrote:
> Exactly. Two same CC modules competing on the same link, one w pacing 
> the other one w/o pacing.
> The latter will have negative impact on the former in FIFO. Not in FQ 
> (fq_codel to clarify).
> And that's my incentive argument which comes from the flow isolation 
> feature of FQ (_codel). 

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