[Bloat] Adblock - or another extension - is incorrectly blocking the speed test

Jan Ceuleers jan.ceuleers at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 02:26:06 EDT 2015

On 26/04/15 06:17, jb wrote:
> The warning is correct in that it is probably NOSCRIPT. I think.
> All the speed test knows is that an API call to all servers was brutally
> failed
> in an unexpected way. There is no visibility into what caused the
> failure, only
> that it should not occur in a clean browser. If you open the console
> you can probably see more than the javascript gets told.

Hi Justin,

I think the problem is that you may be referring to the test servers by
IP address rather than by DNS names. Here is why I think that:

I picked Noscript's "disable everywhere" option, then successfully ran
the test. I was then able to see in Noscript which sites were running
scripts and saw a number of IP addresses among them. I then added these
IP addresses to the whitelist, re-enabled Noscript and verified that I
was able to still run the test.

If you are able to put all of these servers in a DNS domain under your
control then a single whitelist entry in Noscript would make them all
work, and not just the ones that are being picked at my location.

By the way: I then re-enabled Adblock and was still able to run the
test. So I recommend blaming Noscript in the error message rather than
Adblock (and then perhaps also mentioning the whitelist rule that fixes it).

Thanks, Jan

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