[Bloat] came across an unexpected side-effect of bufferbloat

jb justin at dslr.net
Mon Aug 3 09:53:40 EDT 2015

Dave's email made me remember something I came across today.

So someone was looking for ways to take advantage of Amazon Prime unlimited
photo uploading. They had 4.5TB of data to upload.

While researching a little I came across a message on the Amazon support
forums that said after 3 hours of uploading to Amazon, their cable modem
would crash and reboot. The reason was that the SNMP the cable modem needed
to stay healthy was timing out (due to the excessive latency induced by the
continuous uploading). The author didn't know it was bufferbloat, of course.

I thought that was an interesting little result of never testing "full
speed" for long periods of time.

Imagine buying a car that had never been tested at top speed for an hour at
a proving ground.

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