[Bloat] came across an unexpected side-effect of bufferblo

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Mon Aug 3 15:45:42 EDT 2015

> Amazon support forums that said after 3 hours of uploading to Amazon, their
> cable modem would crash and reboot. The reason was that the SNMP the cable
> modem needed to stay healthy was timing out (due to the excessive latency
> induced by the continuous uploading). The author didn't know it was
> bufferbloat, of course.

> I thought that was an interesting little result of never testing "full
> speed" for long periods of time. 

I had a similar bug in my code many many many years ago.

The context was a TCP connection feeding a Versatec plotter.  (Remember 
them?)  Somebody was making a banner for his daughters volleyball team.  He 
turned the text sideways and set the font size to 3 feet tall.  It took the 
printer a long time to process a few characters of text.  Some timer didn't 
handle that case.  The fix was only one line.


Does anybody have a checklist of things like that to test?

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