[Bloat] cake 'conservative' option and panics

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Mon Aug 10 17:02:30 EDT 2015

On 10/08/15 20:28, Jonathan Morton wrote:
> I have an OpenWRT image built, but the device refuses to boot even the
> official pre-built image.  Luckily it retains the stock firmware, so
> it's still usable.
That suggests the image isn't being flashed completely/properly.  Hmm!
> It is the Buffalo WBMR-...-G300H, if you're interested in armchair
> debugging.
Urgh, from http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/buffalo/wbmr-hp-g300h I notice it
has a non-straightforward flashing procedure to get the first load of
openwrt on it, something about encrypted firmware.  There's talk of
'option 1' which uses dd-wrt as a stepping stone to command line access
to then overwrite with an openwrt image, I have to say that strikes me
as easier than 'option 2' which involves tftp servers, various button
presses, no doubt some magic incantations....uuurgh.

> - Jonathan Morton

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