[Bloat] the cerowrt easter egg

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 15:19:50 EST 2015

As you can see over the last month I have been laughing in despair
about the futility we seem to face in getting solutions for
bufferbloat "out there", ever since the streamboost and gogo-in-flight
data came in.

So it occurs to me that most of you may have missed the easter egg, I
long, long ago tossed in the cerowrt.

I LOVE easter eggs! they are so fun to find in so many games and other products!

I was going to stick R. Goldberg, R. Feynman, H. Mencken, and M. Twain
in there at one point (all of whom's various attributes and attitudes
towards life have actually been a great help to me, at least, during
this project!), but I thought that would have been too obvious.

However, in


"George Burdell" has also been a great help, overall, in aiding my
coping skills. He is, also a bot we use for various things.


Dave Täht
Let's make wifi fast, less jittery and reliable again!


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