[Bloat] capturing packets and applying qdiscs

Isaac Konikoff konikofi at candelatech.com
Thu Mar 26 14:00:34 EDT 2015

Hi Dave,

Can you please review my setup and let me know how to improve my 
application of the qdiscs? I've been applying manually, but I'm not sure 
that is the best method, or if the values really make sense. Sorry if 
this has been covered ad nauseum in codel or bloat threads over the past 
4+ years...

I've been capturing packets on a dedicated monitor box using the 
following method:

tshark -i moni1 -w <file>

where moni1 is ath9k on channel 149 (5745 MHz), width: 40 MHz, center1: 
5755 MHz

The system under test is a lanforge ath10k ap being driven by another 
lanforge system using ath9k clients to associate and run traffic tests.

The two traffic tests I'm running are:

1. netperf-wrapper batch consisting of:  tcp_download, tcp_upload, 
tcp_bidirectional, rrul, rrul_be and rtt_fair4be on 4 sta's.

2. lanforge wifi capacity test using tcp-download incrementing 4 sta's 
per minute up to 64 sta's with each iteration attempting 500Mbps 
download per x number of sta's.

The qdiscs I am using are applied to the virtual ap interface which is 
the egress interface for download tests. I also applied the same qdisc 
to the ap's eth1 for the few upload tests. Is this sane?

qdiscs used, deleting each before trying the next:
1. default pfifo_fast
2. tc qdisc add dev vap1 root fq_codel
3. tc qdisc add dev vap1 root fq_codel target 5ms interval 100ms noecn
4. tc qdisc add dev vap1 root fq_codel limit 2000 target 3ms interval 
40ms noecn

Any suggestions you have would be helpful.


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