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up until this moment I had never heard of


this spec, and it does sound useful.

+10 on more open access to it. +100 on anyone working on open source code
for it.

I would certainly like closer relationships between the IEEE and IETF one
day, perhaps even a truly joint (as opposed to back to back) conference.
For far too long members of these two orgs have been going to different
parties, and many, many cross layer issues have arisen due to this.

In my own case I had hoped (in dropping ietf) to be able to attend more
IEEE 802.11 wg meetings - but I would really prefer to stay home and code
for a while.

I would be very supportive of someone(s) taking on the tasks of better
grokking wifi and other non-ethernet media across both orgs both in the
context of homenet and in aqm.

PS While I have a good grip on cable media layers, I am lacking such on

Dave Täht
Let's make wifi fast, less jittery and reliable again!

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