[Bloat] Requirements for bufferbloat to occur

sahil grover sahilgrover013 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 04:04:11 EDT 2015


Anyone please answer my questions:

(1) All say bufferSize should be set very large for bufferbloat to occur.

But how much large?? is there any condition?

Can we randomly give any large value and can set traffic accordingly so
that packets

 remains in queue most of time.

will this  be enough for bufferbloat condition?

(2) even after setting buffersize very  very large,  if packets get dropped
due to buffer
overflow  when heavy traffic is there.

is it bufferbloat?

i mean if  upper limit of buffersize is reached and packets are dropped.

is it also a case of bufferbloat or

sholud we take care that maximum limit of buffersize is never reached and

packet  drop is there due to queue overlow for bufferbloat condition?

please please reply i really need it.
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