[Bloat] http/2

Narseo Vallina Rodriguez narseo at icsi.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 12 14:18:09 EDT 2015

Hi Jonathan

> Status quo is that loading a web page with many resources on it is
> unreliable. Early connections succeed and become established, the congestion
> window opens, the buffer in the 3G tower begins to fill up, inducing several
> seconds of latency, and subsequent DNS lookups and TCP handshakes tend to
> time out. End result: often, half the images on the page are broken.

The way you're describing this specific part, sounds more to me like a
control-plane latency issue (i.e., the time for the RNC to allocate a
radio channel to the client by promoting it from IDLE/FACH to DCH)
rather than a buffer size related issue (which is actually introduced
both on the handset and the RNC/eNB to deal with the C-Plane latency)


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