[Bloat] http/2

Narseo Vallina Rodriguez narseo at icsi.berkeley.edu
Thu Mar 12 15:28:11 EDT 2015

> Tell me: does a Nokia E70 support fast dormancy? And how does a less than 2
> second setup latency translate into a 45 seconds latency under continuous
> load with continuous, smooth packet delivery? Which evaporates to half a
> second if I clamp the TCP receive window down to a sane value?

Well, I'm not saying that you're not right.

I'm just saying that there are many more dynamics that you cannot
control at the control-plane as they are transparent to the handset.

In the particular case you're describing, it's very likely a buffer
issue but it could be also a network issue as you could be connected
through an old APN (gateway). The E70 does not have fast dormancy, and
it does not support HSPA. It's a basic UMTS phone from 2005 which is
not very representative as of today.

The latency you're describing could be caused by signaling overload or
poor radio conditions but also very likely by buffers as you pointed.
Are there any other buffers on the RIL interface of the handset? How
do they behave? I know some operators use leaky bucket.

In any case, I was referring to a general scenario and as you framed
it initially "first packet", DNS, etc, it sounded as a control-plane
case. That's why I said in the previous email that I was not sure if
we're on the same page.

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