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Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2016 at 7:51 AM
Subject: [Flent-devel] Announcing Flent v0.14.0
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This is to announce v0.14.0 of Flent: The FLexible Network Tester.

This release adds mixins for capturing qdisc stats and CPU usage, adds
some convenience functions to the GUI and fixes a bunch of bugs, most
notably making the GUI work on Windows. Full changelog below.

Get the source from PyPi:


SHA256 checksums:


Packages for Ubuntu are available from my PPA:

  apt-add-repository ppa:tohojo/flent

For Debian on Open Build Service:


And for Arch on AUR:


As usual, please report bugs to the mailing list or on Github.


Changelog since v0.13.0:

- Batch mode: Try to estimate the total runtime of a batch and print it
  before executing the batch itself.

- GUI: Add support for pinning a metadata item open when flipping
  between tabs, and support adding columns to the open files view from
  the metadata view. Both functions are available from the context menu
  when right-clicking in the metadata view.

- Add test mixins to a bunch of tests making it possible to
  simultaneously capture qdisc stats and/or CPU stats of one or more
  hosts while the test is run. This works by setting the test parameters
  qdisc_stats_hosts, qdisc_stats_interfaces and cpu_stats_hosts to
  comma-separated lists of hosts and interface names. The functionality
  relies on the tc_iterator and stats_iterator helper scripts.

- Add a C implementation of the tc_iterator helper script that works on
  OpenWrt and also gives higher polling accuracy than the shell script.

- Add a kill_timeout setting for runners in test definitions which will
  forcibly kill a subprocess after an interval (if it hasn't exited

- Add the tcp_upload_1000 test for seriously overloading things. On most
  systems, increasing the ulimit is necessary to run this test.

- Support globbing selectors in plot configuration when specifying
  datasets for a plot.

- Record number of failed runners (non-0 exit status) as a metadata key.

- GUI: Fix bugs in plot blitting on older matplotlibs, fix test running
  without a pre-set HOST, fix bugs in draw cache handling, and restore
  the GUI to a working state on Windows.

- Various bugfixes.
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