[Bloat] bufferbloat.net is sorely missed.

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Fri Jun 10 04:44:04 EDT 2016

Greetings All,

May this message find you in acceptable health and reasonable humour :-)

Possibly/probably as a result of CAKE getting into LEDE I note a few 
people saying 'bufferbloat.net' is down.  This is unfortunate just at a 
time when a hoped for uptick in interest factor may well be upon us.  
Interest has been expressed in 

I know it's not just a case of firing up a VM 'cos the actual engine was 
running out of date software and had accumulated a fair amount of cruft.

In the shorter term, to satisfy some sort of interest, would it be 
possible to point at an archive of the site?  I know not how this could 
be done.



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