[Bloat] bufferbloat.net is sorely missed.

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 12:19:34 EDT 2016

Hi Dave,

I'm worried that the bufferbloat project appears MIA right now.

It won't take much time to get that github page (http://richb-hanover.github.io/bufferbloat-site) running as www.bufferbloat.net. To do this:

- You would have to set up A records for bufferbloat.net to point to and
- Wildcard address (for www.bufferbloat.net) should CNAME to the 'bufferbloat.net' A record
- I would add a file (named 'CNAME') to the gh-pages branch of the github repo at https://github.com/richb-hanover/bufferbloat-site

One DNS TTL later, we should have a bufferbloat.net web presence back on the air.

Longer term, I don't have a preference about the web publishing system: I just want us to appear alive. Thanks.


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