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Sun Jun 12 14:13:56 EDT 2016

So how do I contribute changes to existing pages? The cake page has some inaccuracies regarding VDSL2 encapsulation that I would like to fix…

“Apparently PTM does have a small additional overhead on the order of 1⁄128, due to HDLC framing which attaches special meaning to 0x7D and 0x7E bytes; I might need to add approximate handling for that, kernel-side.”

The point is only VDLS1 used HDLC on the relevant data bearers, VDSL2 uses 64/65 encoding that has not reserved octets and hence does not have additional overhead nor magic bytes… (full disclosure VDSL2 still allows HDLC bearers, but just not the one bearer the user actually sends data over, so the HDLC thing is a distraction that we can avoid.)

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> On Jun 12, 2016, at 20:02 , Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke at toke.dk> wrote:
> Rich Brown <richb.hanover at gmail.com> writes:
>> Thanks again to Toke for all this good work. It's terrific to see the
>> pages resurrected, and to have the www.bufferbloat.net site living
>> again.
> You're welcome! Just glad it's being appreciated ;)
>> I've been thinking of the next steps - to make all this work really useful. I see there are three important issues:
>> Organizing: Thinking about the best way to display the current information:
>> 	- Should Cake be listed as a top-level project?
> No opinion.
>> 	- Is there a way to display newest entries? I'd like to see a
>> 	sidebar element showing the 5 newest posts
> Yes, certainly. Was thinking of putting a list of newest news items on
> the front page. However, for the wiki pages it is not necessarily
> obvious that having a notion of 'newest' is useful.
>> 	- Can an RSS feed be generated automatically?
> Yes, but see above.
>> Curating: The current site makes it seem as if all pages are equally important. I feel the urge to do the following:
>> 	- Categorizing the "List of Wiki Pages" for a project (e.g., http://bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/ ) 
>> 		so there's a sense of their importance
> A way to do this would be to update the 'index' wiki pages to be more
> useful (e.g. https://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/wiki/) and
> keep the overview pages as a 'complete' list. However, it's certainly
> also possible to mark some of the pages as 'important' and have those
> show up on top of the list.
>> 	- Discard old/outdated/useless articles
> Yes, this is probably needed. And also fixing broken links (see the
> issue I opened for this on github).
>> Workflow:
>> 	- Rules for making posts: Who can make them? How do they get
>> 	published?
> Well, it's a git repo. I figure anyone can do pull requests.
>> 	- Auto-publish - if it's not already happening, could we
>> 	re-render and publish after a commit?
> Yes, that is certainly possible. For now I figure I'll do it manually
> (it's just re-running a script), but if we get enough activity that that
> becomes a bottleneck, I can certainly set up something automated.
>> 	- I see the 404 handler in place, but it doesn't seem to show a
>> 	link to archive.org
> It includes a javascript from archive.org which *should* show a link if
> (and only if) an archived version exists. Haven't verified that it
> actually works.
>> 	- Is there a way to do page redirection? It looks as if Toke has done a great job of replicating
>> 		URLs in the new site, but if we see frequent broken
>> 		links, is there a way to redirect a page to its
>> 		equivalent on the new site?
> Yes. This is already used for news items and issues.
>> 	- Should we add a Google search box on 404 page? On every page?
> Not sure what it takes to do this properly, and if it's worth the
> hassle.
>> 	- Would it make sense to review error logs from time to time?
> Possible. Split out the logs to a separate file; can provide it if
> someone wants to go digging. Or I can just parse out a list of 404
> errors from time to time.
> -Toke
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