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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 10:58:16 EDT 2016

On Sun, Jun 12, 2016 at 10:49 AM, Rich Brown <richb.hanover at gmail.com> wrote:
> To all the Bufferbloaters out there...
> Thanks again to Toke for all this good work. It's terrific to see the pages resurrected, and to have the www.bufferbloat.net site living again.

And it's fast - even half a planet away. I am still looking around at
various cdn technologies....

> I've been thinking of the next steps - to make all this work really useful. I see there are three important issues:
> Organizing: Thinking about the best way to display the current information:
>         - Should Cake be listed as a top-level project?

"smart queue management" could, with cake mentioned prominently. Put
in an overview for all the places fq_codel has made it to
(edgerouters, sophos, BSD, openwrt, dd-wrt, (?) - what we know of
certain commercial products when they did it right (adaptive qos), or
didn't quite (streamboost).

"cake" is such a terrible name googlejuicewise. I do periodically
google for "cake shaper" and giggle at the results... which reminds me
that somehow, someday, a logo(s) for the project(s) would be nice.

>         - Is there a way to display newest entries? I'd like to see a sidebar element showing the 5 newest posts

Jim and I had hoped to build a "blog planet" one day that federated
all the #bufferbloat tags from various sources. Since this is a manual
process currently (I still have a daily google query for it), perhaps
automating that with javascript to (somehow) grab the last twitter and
g+ mentions, and a few key blogs, or building it on the fly on a

>         - Can an RSS feed be generated automatically?


> Curating: The current site makes it seem as if all pages are equally important. I feel the urge to do the following:
>         - Categorizing the "List of Wiki Pages" for a project (e.g., http://bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/ )
>                 so there's a sense of their importance

Um, I figured this would be just autogenerated from everything published.

There are ways to mark the metadata as to priority.

>         - Discard old/outdated/useless articles
or those that need work, remark to be draft: yes

> Workflow:
>         - Rules for making posts: Who can make them? How do they get published?

There is a difference between a "blog post/news item" and a wiki page.

One reason why I intend to keep blog.cerowrt.org separate, is there I
am trying to build upon the methods I was using with the old "deBloat"
repository, "having a public lab notebook, chock full of opinions,
wild theories, and mis-interpretations" - that this time, is
replicated with all the data that backs (or doesn't back) all that up.

I am still quite remorseful that all my private notes and data from
the first 2 years of the effort was lost when my lab machines got
stolen, there was plenty of stuff I did not publish there that I wish
I could refer to now were I still trying for a PHD. The deBloat repo
and various presentations are the only thing that survived from that
era. Never again! but that means that that blog repo is going to get
very, very big, and I'd prefer these sites to be primarily text and
graphics, and thus smaller.

I note that in blog.cerowrt.org I am preserving page authorship (and
do invite other posters!).

Toke has this stuff copyright "the bufferbloat community", which is a
meaningless abstraction legally. the site overall was basically
creative commons. I don't think anybody here cares.

>         - Auto-publish - if it's not already happening, could we re-render and publish after a commit?
>         - I see the 404 handler in place, but it doesn't seem to show a link to archive.org

My plan for 404's long term was to have a page explaining this was a
volunteer project, encouraging them to fix their own bloat, and
contribute either work or cash. I thought about using a canned copy of


with the popular "you are here/you could be here" annotation.

I wish there was some way to sample the tcp stats on the page load
itself to measure the bloat the user experienced....

>         - Is there a way to do page redirection? It looks as if Toke has done a great job of replicating
>                 URLs in the new site, but if we see frequent broken links, is there a way to redirect a page to its equivalent on the new site?
>         - Should we add a Google search box on 404 page? On every page?

I have missed having search, especially on the bug tracker. It was one
of those bugs I thought I'd fix in "in a few weeks", 5 years ago.

As the plan is to move to github's bug tracker, that's solved. As for
indexing the site, well, I keep hoping that various non-google search
technologies (like Xapian) had progressed in usability.

Is there a way to embed something that uses no javascript?

>         - Would it make sense to review error logs from time to time?

Sure, although we could add the linkchecker to people's local builds.

Definately agree it would be good to track what people have been using
as inbound links, on plain access also. People kept linking to the
oddest parts of the site...

> I'd love to have your thoughts. Thanks.
> Rich

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!

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