[Bloat] Good Cable Modems?

Greg White g.white at CableLabs.com
Wed Jun 22 18:01:37 EDT 2016

While I can’t direct you to any specific DOCSIS 3.0 modem, I can answer/clarify a couple of things.

For D3.1, the cable modem is required to implement DOCSIS-PIE to manage upstream queues (a variant of PIE, google it if you want the details). The manufacturer can optionally implement other algorithms if they choose to, but DOCSIS-PIE is required to be the default AQM.  The CMTS in D3.1 is required to implement AQM to manage downstream queues, but the algorithm choice is left to the manufacturer.

While different D3.0 modems will likely show different amounts of upstream bufferbloat, they will not have any impact on downstream bufferbloat. 


On 6/22/16, 3:37 PM, "Bloat on behalf of Noah Causin" <bloat-bounces at lists.bufferbloat.net on behalf of n0manletter at gmail.com> wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone knew about any good current DOCSIS 3.0 Cable 
>modems.  I'm aware that AQM will land in DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems (By the 
>way, is the AQM manufacturer's choice or just Cisco PIE?)
>I was going to choose a Motorola surfboard, but I know from experience 
>that the buffering is excessive. (about 4000ms with CMTS Bloat).
>I'm going to be setting up SQM, but I just wanted to be aware of a 
>better product.
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