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As I will be at IETF this week, I can't make it. Perhaps someone here
would like to talk at this conference?

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Eric: I don't know if you had given any thought to attending Hope or
proposing a talk there. It's pretty late. Just a few days left to put
in a talk (May 20th), but thought I'd mention it just in case. There
were 3,500 people in attendance at the last one two years ago. Bob and
I will be attending this year and various other parties were there
last time including a few people from the FSF, EFF, etc. It's at Hotel
Pennsylvania in NYC. It takes place July 22­-24, 2016.

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Subject: [hope-announce] Important Updates: HOPE Speaker Submission
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The Eleventh HOPE is just over two months away! We have a couple of
important updates to share.

If you're considering submitting a talk or panel idea, the deadline to
do this is Friday, May 20th (that's THIS Friday). Unlike most other
conferences, we don't discriminate based on background or age - our
speakers can hold doctorates or still be in middle school. We look for
people who have something interesting to say about hacking and the
world of high tech. So if you think you have something to share with
our audience, by all means send in a proposal before the deadline!
Full details can be found at https://xi.hope.net/speakers.html .

If you have purchased HOPE tickets, you'll be thrilled to know that
they're going out later this week. Keep checking the email address you
used to buy your tickets with. If you have any questions or problems,
you can email us at tickets at hope.net but please wait until after the
tickets have gone out. You can get more precise updates through our
Twitter feed (@hopeconf).


The Eleventh HOPE will be taking place at the Hotel Pennsylvania in
New York City July 22-24, 2016. Tickets are selling fast - we may well
run out of space this year. If you intend to go, we suggest buying your
tickets in advance, as we can't guarantee we'll have any left at the
door, and if we do they'll be more expensive. The link for tickets is


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