[Bloat] anyone have info on the netflix speed test (fast.com)?

moeller0 moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu May 19 05:03:44 EDT 2016

Hi David.

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>> This looks like marketing PR somehow inflicted the release of an internal demo. I agree with jb the one thing it has going for it is a short name… It does only one thing but does that a) badly and b) arguably it only even does 1/2 thing as ingress and egress are simply not completely independent. Arguing that Ping (RTT) and jitter are “network engineer’s analysis and diagnostic” tools and hence out of scope for their simple tool shows that they are aiming to low (I would go as far as claiming that with the explaining text the aim is still on the “own foot” territory, but I digress).
> I guess one thing that it does is shows anyone who is targeting netflix with slowdowns (or just not upgrading to meet capacity needs) where the problem is.

	Mmmh, you are generous. In my eyes it does not even show this 

> And since this is netflix, they really do only care about download speed :-(
> they should care about download speed while also doing an upload, to prevent pauses.

	That is my point, you can and should try to simplify things but you will reach a “cliff” after that you are not simplifying but “stupidifying” (if there is such a word); and the quest for one reportable number is deep in not-clever territory in my eyes… (not that netflix should care about my sentiments)…

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