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On 23/11/2016 11:31, Pedro Tumusok wrote:
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>     On Nov 23, 2016, at 3:28 AM, Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike at swm.pp.se
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>>     On Tue, 22 Nov 2016, Dave Taht wrote:
>>>     I would like to see the industries most affected by bufferbloat
>>>     - voip/videoconferencing/gaming,web gain a good recognition of
>>>     the problem, how to fix it, and who to talk to about it (router
>>>     makers and ISPs)
>>     It would be great if the realtime communications people (gaming,
>>     video, audio etc) had some kind of help page where people could
>>     be pointed to understand the problem.
>>     I saw a Youtube video btw, where they had problems with gaming
>>     because "I'm uploading a youtube video at the same time as I am
>>     gaming, stupid me". People don't even realise this is not the way
>>     it has to be.
>>     My take on this is that the problem is fairly well understood in
>>     "our" circles, but the wider audience still doesn't know, and
>>     even if they know, there is nowhere to go to fix it.
>>     If we can find a product that solves the gaming community problem
>>     (they're one of the people who have "ping" in their applications
>>     and who immediately notices when it's bad), we could perhaps
>>     approach someone prominent in that gaming community and making a
>>     video on how to solve the problem.
>>     "Look here, I did <X> and now I can game and upload a youtube
>>     video at the same time without problems!!!!1111oneoneone"
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>     The gaming/youtube video is an excellent use case on whim to
>     build. Simple, compelling, and can easily demonstrate the
>     bufferbloat problem.
>     One suggestion would be to talk to the people/web sites that
>     publish reviews of router and gaming performance.
> Who actually cares about or read router reviews? I am guessing a 
> subset of the people that care about lag in FPS games.
> How about approaching the people that make the post popular games that 
> are affected.
> Battlefield series is from Dice and they have a main office in 
> Stockholm, Sweden. Given them a demo of a bloat free game and a 
> bloated game and hopefully get them to go to the players through their 
> channels on how to get a better game experience would most likely give 
> a better result. The game developers have their own conferences where 
> they share, so if somebody in a studio ended up doing a presentation 
> at these ones, it would also get the word out and about.
> There are other games, but I am not a big FPS gamer, so I googled and 
> this came up
> http://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/15-most-played-fps-games-2016-pc
> But we would need a couple of things
> 1. Establishing contact with the different game development studios
> 2. Somebody to go and do a demo, shake hands and talk with them. 
> Video, I assume would be less effective.
> If this something we should try, I can help out with the first point, 
> but the second one probably needs local bufferbloat evangelists.

   IF we're heading on to gaming, perhaps attacking a huge vendor such 
as Valve's Steam. I have no idea how approachable they're of course.

   As for FPS gaming, I can tell you that the most prolific gamers will 
go to great lenghts to optimize their experience. They are far easier to 
convince to flash a router, modify windows drivers parameters, change 
broadband providers then the bigger audiance. As soon as others notice 
this "unfair" advantage they begin petitioning the game developers so 
that the "advantage" comes baked in rather than be a special recipe.

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> Jan Pedro Tumusok
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