[Bloat] fixing bufferbloat in 2017

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 13:16:15 EST 2016

I feel particularly acutely the fact that we don't have a good "simple to deliver" solution today for the curious (not deeply commited) person. I was trying to help a friend with a TP-Link Archer C7, but was stymied because I can't simply install OpenWrt CC because of their "FCC fix".

Besides, OpenWrt CC is now eight months old: although it's stable, it probably doesn't have the latest bufferbloat/make-wifi-fast fixes. The DD development and release process is uncertain. DD-Wrt is of unknown quality (does it include fq_codel? make-wifi-fast? will it ever?), with a really ugly and not terribly-welcoming forum. I have great hopes for LEDE, but it is still sprinting toward its first stable release, so we can't count on it today.

So we are stuck in the short term with a "lack of a product". I have faith that it will happen, but we need to build our plan around its arrival date.


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