[Bloat] Fixing bufferbloat in 2017

Kathleen Nichols nichols at pollere.com
Mon Nov 28 12:52:03 EST 2016

Well, it would be good to know where the congestion is coming from, i.e.
saying that "the network is congested" doesn't say which network. Since
our downlink got upgraded, there is rarely an issue there but from time
to time the comcast network just "goes down" in that it seems that
nothing gets out (the Nextdoor list then pops up all these postings "is
anyone else having internet problems?") but this is infrequent. We've
been able to find all sorts of interesting things in the home network
including some substandard cabling (which has been replaced) and various
wifi oddities (which would be easier to characterize if I could get
better data on the clients, particularly wrt to Google wifi but I have
an idea on this....)

Guess if your house is on fire, you stop watching the cat videos, right?


On 11/28/16 8:58 AM, Stephen Hemminger wrote:
> My experience has been that the media and developer attention span is
> short lived, and maybe that is part of the problem. Gaming is a niche
> market, and therefore is easily ignored; plus the classic gaming
> market is dying and I am not sure anyone is really investing in it.
> The current hot topic use case seems to be machine learning and voice
> interaction. I wonder if we could build a use case something related
> to that? "Ok Google, my house is on fire!!" -- "Sorry can not call
> fire department, network is congested".
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