[Bloat] Writing an article that includes a bufferbloat section

cloneman bufferbloat at flamingpc.com
Fri Dec 22 18:27:11 EST 2017


I'm working on an article that compares traffic management solutions on
common SOHO routers. It should appear in about a month on DSLr. It will be
80% accurate and 20% is speculative based on my collection of best guesses
and personal experience using tc / sfq / fq_codel.

I wanted to run it by you guys to avoid spreading any additional
misinformation about fq_codel or cake. The blurb in question starts on page
5 of the document. The conclusion of the document will be pointing people
towards zero-knobs sqm solutions.

There are still many changes to make at this stage, in particular my table
of supported routers is very speculative. As routers get upgraded I will
have to update that table.


My objective here is not to recruit unpaid proofreaders or have additional
cooks, but merely an opportunity for fq_codel people "in charge of media
relations" an opportunity to object.or make a request or suggestion of any

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