[Bloat] Win10 Updates vs cake

Mario Hock mario.hock at kit.edu
Fri Dec 22 04:12:45 EST 2017


except from buffer bloat performance can also be degraded by an 
increased packet loss probability.

Can you also track packet loss rates / packet loss probability? And also 
throughput/progress of the Windows update connections?

If the reason actually is that FastTCP does not respond to congestion in 
a fair manner (as Ryan Mounce suggested) than you should see high packet 
loss (for all connections), high throughput for the Windows update 
connections and very low throughput for regular TCP connections.

Also, it would be interesting to see what happens to fixed bit rate UDP 

Best, Mario

Am 22.12.2017 um 03:01 schrieb Rich Brown:
> I'm using LEDE 17.01.4 on my Archer C7v2. I have a 7mbps/768kbps ADSL2+ connection through Fairpoint. The modem stats page shows its "attainable rates" (kbps): 13330/1272 and Rates: 8271/1181. My SQM settings are:
> Download: 7000 (kbps)
> Upload: 925
> Queue Disc: Cake/piece_of_cake.qos
> Link Layer: ATM/44 bytes overhead
> Advanced Options: default
> I have noticed that Win10 updates cause the network connection to become unusable for other services/people, as if I had bufferbloat. But ping times remain stable - they jump from ~20-22 msec unloaded to 40-50 msec.
> Experiments I have tried:
> - Setting download speed to 5000 makes the connection usable for other people, although the ping times remain about the same (40-50 msec)
> - Setting the download speed to 8600 still keeps ping times down, but that really harms other people's performance.
> - The link rates (download and upload) seem to track the SQM setting, measured with both YAMon and the built-in real-time graphs.  I get ~6,000 kbps with a 7000 download setting, I got ~3,000kbps at the 5000 setting. I get ~8500 kbps after setting download to 8600.
> - This doesn't seem to happen when I'm downloading other kinds of files (I haven't tried torrenting files...) Downloading non-Win10 update files seems to leave the connection in a fairly responsive state.
> Any thoughts? What other experiments should I make? Thanks!
> Rich
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