[Bloat] I wrote a blog entry about devices I know of out there...

David Lang david at lang.hm
Thu Feb 2 17:34:39 EST 2017

On Thu, 2 Feb 2017, Jim Gettys wrote:

> For home users.
> The Evenroute is the first I can recommend to most people on DSL; it deals
> with ISP's who don't provide the bandwidth they sell and self tunes over
> time.
> https://gettys.wordpress.com/2017/02/02/home-products-that-fixmitigate-bufferbloat/
> Let me know of other devices that should go on the list.
> I'd love to see a volunteer to keep a set of pages on these devices to help
> guide people toward working products.

Are you aware of any decent routers that have dual DSL interfaces?

David Lang
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