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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 06:09:25 EDT 2019

I would really like more folk to remotely attend the tsvwg wg meeting,
which is this monday:

16:10-18:10Monday Afternoon session II Prague time.

which is where we will hopefully get a chance to present SCE, and get
an update on the L4S/tcpprague/dualpi worker, also. The schedule is
here: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/104/agenda/

There are as usual a plethora of work in other working groups worth
paying attention to. In particular, the babel protocol working group
is going to finalize the babel-hmac security extension, and maybe even
dtls, and is considering adoption of the rtt-metric stuff. Homenet is
still active (see the homenet mailing list for the discussions there
in recent weeks! Hoo, boy), there's some stuff in the various tcp and
iccrg working groups about BBR, and so on, and I haven't paid
attention to rmcat and webrtc much in recent years.

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Subject: [104all] IETF 104 Remote Participation Information
To: IETF Announcement List <ietf-announce at ietf.org>
Cc: <wgchairs at ietf.org>, <104all at ietf.org>

Can't make it to Prague? Participate remotely! The IETF offers a number
of ways for remote attendees to audit or even contribute to IETF
sessions throughout the meeting week.

First, register for the meeting. There is no cost to register as a
remote attendee, and by registering you will insure that you receive
important updates on agenda changes and other things of interest to
meeting attendees. Please register here:

General remote participation information can be found here:
<https://ietf.org/how/meetings/104/remote/>. Below is a breakdown of
some of the main services available.

1) Meetecho
The Meetecho platform provides a synchronized view of the audio/video
stream from the meeting room, which includes slides being presented and
the presenter, as well as official IETF Jabber room. Meetecho will be
supporting all eight of the working session tracks, as well as the
Sunday tutorials, Host Speaker Series, and IETF Plenary. If you have a
comment or a question, Meetecho enables you to ask it even if you are
not in the room. For more information on how to join a Meetecho session,
or to watch a recording after the session has concluded, see here:
<http://ietf104.conf.meetecho.com/>. To report issues with Meetecho,
please send email to tickets at meeting.ietf.org.

2) Audio Stream
If you only want to listen to the sessions, the audio stream is a good
choice. All working sessions are streamed; links to the streams are
available from the agenda, here:
<https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/104/agenda>. To report issues with
audio levels, please send email to mtd at ietf.org.

3) Jabber Rooms
All IETF meeting sessions have a corresponding Jabber room. See here for
link to the meeting agenda with corresponding Jabber rooms:
<https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/104/agenda >. Whenever possible, an
in-room volunteer monitors the Jabber room; this volunteer will stand at
the microphone for remote attendees and relay their questions into the
meeting room microphone so that people in the room can respond. More
information on the IETF Jabber service is available here:

4) Mailing Lists
The 104attendees at ietf.org is for general discussion of things happening
at the meeting; join the list if you want to hear about Prague
restaurants and other topics of interest to those who are physically
present at the meeting. Subscribe to 104attendees here:

The 104all at ietf.org list is for important announcements only and is not
a discussion list. You automatically subscribed when you register as a
remote participant. Being on 104all is essential if you want to hear
about changes to meeting agenda or other important announcements.
Subscribe to 104all here:

5) Live video of several sessions, including the IETF Plenary and the
IRTF Open Meeting, will be streamed live on YouTube. See
<https://www.ietf.org/live/> for more information.

After the meeting, we will be sending a survey to all remote participants
to get feedback on their experience; if you participate remotely, we’d
love to hear from you! And don’t forget to follow @ietf on Twitter!

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104all at ietf.org


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