[Bloat] [iccrg] Fwd: [tcpPrague] Implementation and experimentation of TCP Prague/L4S hackaton at IETF104

Wesley Eddy wes at mti-systems.com
Fri Mar 15 17:34:35 EDT 2019

Hi, Dave, strangely it looks like nobody has been copying TSVWG on this 
thread, even though that is where the L4S work is happening in the IETF!  :)

I just wanted to respond to one part of your message since I am 
currently acting as document shepherd for the L4S drafts in TSVWG, and 
it seems like maybe you don't know where to find all of the IETF 
materials in order to participate (based on the "stalled out 
indefinitely" comment below).  So in case it's helpful here are some 
pointers to where things are kept.

The 3 base L4S documents were adopted in the TSVWG WG, and have been 
regularly updated.  You can find the charter and milestone dates 
(currently June 2019) quite easily on the WG datatracker page: 
https://datatracker.ietf.org/group/tsvwg/about/ and of course the 
"Documents" tab there takes you to the copies of all the documents.

There have been updates on L4S and presentations/discussions at the IETF 
meetings (with minutes and charts posted to the proceedings), as well as 
L4S draft reviews and comment threads on the TSVWG list whose archives 
are under "List archive".  You can find meeting minutes and slide decks 
also readily linked from that WG page: 

There are source code repositories, papers, videos, etc. that the 
proponents have also made very easy to find, e.g. 
https://riteproject.eu/dctth/#code (and as linked in meeting materials).

Since we (TSVWG chairs) are looking for inputs towards WGLC readiness to 
proceed on these, hopefully this information is helpful for you.

On 3/15/2019 6:46 AM, Dave Taht wrote:
 > ...
 > Some background to this: after the L4S/TCP Prague/and dualpi 
experiments appeared stalled out indefinitely in the IETF, and with our 
own frustration with IETF processes, bufferbloat.net project members 
publicly formed our own working group to look into the problems with 
ecn, back in august of last year.

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