[Bloat] [Ecn-sane] [iccrg] Fwd: [tcpPrague] Implementation and experimentation of TCP Prague/L4S hackaton at IETF104

Holland, Jake jholland at akamai.com
Wed Mar 20 16:05:09 EDT 2019

On 2019-03-20, 12:58, "Stephen Hemminger" <stephen at networkplumber.org> wrote:
    Has anyone done a detailed investigation for prior art?

I don't know, but for serendipitous reasons I recently came across this,
which may be interesting to those who would be interested in digging
further on that question:

"On packet marking at priority queues"
R. J. Gibbens and F. P. Kelly
IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 47 (2002) 1016-1020.

I wasn't sure if it was technically prior art or not, and I'm offering
no opinion, but it sounded similar to me in some significant ways.



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