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Sat Mar 23 04:54:00 EDT 2019


On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 9:02 AM Roland Bless <roland.bless at kit.edu> wrote:

> Hi,
> On 22.03.19 at 19:28 Victor Hou wrote:
> > Broadcom has been deeply involved in developing the Low Latency DOCSIS
> > cable industry specification that Bob Briscoe mentioned.  We concur with
> > the L4S use of ECT(1).  L4S can be implemented either in a dual-queue or
> > an fq implementation. SCE cannot be implemented with a dual-queue
> > implementation; the only way to support it is with an fq
> > implementation.  An fq implementation is incompatible with the Low
> > Latency DOCSIS specification developed within the cable industry.
> I don't understand your rationale here.
> The basic SCE concept could be used for L4S as well.
> I suggest to use an additional DSCP to mark L4S packets.
> The L4S sender/receiver can simply react to the SCE
> markings the same way that they now react to CE, with
> the difference that it's safer to react to SCE, because
> the signal is unambiguous, whereas CE would be ambiguous
> (could be set by either classic AQM/ECN node or by
> an L4S node).
> Regards
>  Roland
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